About Us

What started out as a small family business run by Antonio Giannetti, an Italian with a true passion for creating great food, and his Maltese wife Rita, over 25 years ago, has become a symbolic trademark in Malta, synonymous with brining great food á la Taliana to the Maltese Islands.

Antonio was working in the food industry in Italy when he moved to Malta after marrying his wife Rita. He was working on a full-time basis when they decided to start producing pastry. So they rented a small garage and started producing puff pastry, pizza pastry, sweet pastry and short crust pastry. Antonio himself used to go round various food shops and groceries, promoting and selling his products. Slowly, but steadily, the business started growing, and after five years Antonio quit his full-time job and created the company that bears his nick-name, "Tat-Taljan", as his products were referred to at the time.

Twenty years later, Tat-Taljan is a fully-fledged food producing company, with factory premises in the heart of Cannon Road, Santa Venera. Tat-Taljan's products are available in the majority of food stores over the islands, from the major and large supermarkets, to small grocery stores that dot the islands.

And as time goes by, Tat-Taljan are always adding more products to their range, ensuring that all their food items are made from genuine ingredients and created with the highest dedication and care.

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